What You Need to Write Java Programs

Most difficulties face by intending Java programmer includes, setting there development environment, this is determined by the type of platform or device you want to program for, for example Web, Console application, desktop application, mobile application, just to mention few.

However, my advice to new developer for Java programming, is to learn the basics first, and to learn this all you need is Java Development Kit (JDK) and it is downloadable for free from Oracle website www.java.com/download this Java Software development kit (SDK) is also known as Java Standard Edition formally revered to as J2SE, this means that all Java programs either Web, Desktop application, Mobile application and so on, requires this Core or standard tool to work in addition to other tools targeting the kind of application you want to develop.

Therefore JDK is powerful tool we need to develop variety to console (DOS-based) application and Standard desktop application; this is the tool we will to using for now, so if you have not downloaded it please do here www.java.com/download

To also make our development easy I will like you to also get an Integrated development Environment (IDE) tool, because Java programs have to be writing, complied and run and this can be difficult to many new developer using the traditional means, therefore the IDE will do all this work for you with ease. There are many IDE’s for Java development, but I prefer Eclipse for now, Eclipse Java IDE can be downloaded for free here. www.eclipse.org/downloads

With all this JDK 6 or above installed and Eclipse Java IDE installed we can then start developing our java program.


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