Comparing Programming Languages to Universities in Nigeria

Many years ago, I read an article online compare programing languages to countries, I have be fortunate to studied in six different higher institute in Nigeria, and I also noticed that everyone in Nigeria is proud of his/her own alma mater, well something came up in my mind that makes me to put together this little piece comparing this programming languages to some higher institution of learning in Nigeria, hope you will enjoy it.
C (YabaTech) the oldest in the clique, very powerful and useful, It influences the design of many modern languages such as C++, C# and Java. It’s rugged and use for low-level high performance task. It’s everywhere when you dig low to the machine.
C++ (UI): also very old, could be liken to an improvement or integration on OOP design into C, strong history of great achievements, powering some very useful programs and OS functions, although still very relevant, but a bit rusty like C and difficult to code with today.
Java (OAU): always want to outshine C++, a more modern language though, 100% OOP, good design, very popular and useful for wide range of task, although some consider it slower than C and C++
Python (UNILAG): very beauty, attractive, easy to code and maintain, inviting and gaining more popularity more that any language today, in fact many Universities and colleges are dumping C++ and Java for Python; everybody want to associate with it.
JavaScript (UNN): though a little bit old, but it has remain very relevant and popular, by given birth to many frameworks and libraries, from JQuery to AngularJS, Node.js , Ember.js and too many to mention, very useful language in today the era of modern web and mobile technology, you can’t do without it.
C# (UNIBEN): Very powerful and modern with rich features, nice IDE to go with it, Microsoft best programming language, widely accepted, although a little bit isolated to windows environment, but it get things done with ease using powerful GUI interface.
Perl (ABU Zaria): not so beautiful compare as Python, this is the camel language it takes you there even though it is odd and ugly, it get things done. Popularly referred to as the “duct tape that holds the Internet together” popular with Unix for admin task and making report processing easier.
PHP(Uni Ilorin): get things done quickly, while others envies it for its weaknesses here and there, the most popular language for back-end web development, powering more than 70% of the web, and recently becoming a general-purpose programming language, with OOP features.

By: Ben Onuorah



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Comparing Programming Languages to Universities in Nigeria

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