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Adding interaction using JavaScript

If there is one scripting language that have had a long lasting impact on the web than any other it is definitely JavaScript.
JavaScript popularity has grown so rapidly since the WWW era, JavaScript is commonly use to respond to an events, perfume quick form validate, create cookies, detect the visitor's browser and achieve some interesting effects on your website.
Today JavaScript has taken up new role in the ever changing world of the web and the internet, with the introduction of new technology and framework such as JQuery and AJAX which is known to heavily really on JavaScript; we cannot but expect this interesting client-side scripting language to be here and playing more important role for a very long time.
I’m sure that the knowledge of JavaScript cannot but be of a great importance to you as you advance in your career as a web designer and developer.

Client-side scripting
and Server-side scripting language
Scripting language is simple programming language designed to perform special or limited tasks, sometimes associated with a particular application or function. An example of a scripting language is JavaScript, Perl, PHP, and VBScript.
However there are different kinds of scripting language, but the ones associated with web site are Client-side scripting language and Server-side scripting language.

Client-side scripting language is different from server-side scripting language in the sense that it does not require a web server to function, therefore it scope is more limited to the client program such as web browser, for example Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox among others. JavaScript is a typical example of a Client-side scripting language; although a server-side program such as Microsoft ASP can be written with either JavaScript or VBScript.

On the other Server-side scripting language require the presence of a web server and or even application server such as Apache web server, Tomcat, IIS, PHP Zend engine, to function; as a result of this server-side scripting language have the power to access server side resources such as the Database and other network resources. PHP is a typical example of a server-side scripting language.

Java and JavaScript
Don’t confuse Java for JavaScript; JavaScript is not even a scripting version of the popular Java programming language. JavaScript was invented by Brendan Eich at Netscape, the company that own the popular Netscape navigator web browser program, where as Java is a product and trademark of Sun Microsystems which is now owned by Oracle Corporation.

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