NEMS School Management System     


School Management and Testing Software (SMTS) is designed to automate the flow of information between school administrators, the teachers, the students as well as the parents using one database to manage, maintain, monitor and provide all-round seamless quality educations management support.

OUR AIM is to improve the quality and flow of school operations, ease the day-to-day hassle face by teachers and school managements in keeping up-to-date accurate information as well as to boost the learning passion in our children through its rich learning aids.




  • NEMS provide the school owner with a flexible and easy to use interface, which will manage nearly all the activities of the school in a well organized and secured system.
  • School owner can now store and manage student records (with passport) even as they move from one class to another.
  • Prevention of lost/ damage of vital school documents is now possible as NEMS makes it possible for school information, such as student records and staff record to be stored in a secure format for a very long time (as long as the school exist).
  • No limitation to the number of records which can be store with NEMS.
  • Access to a detailed performance of students even as they move from one school to another.
  • Store and manage the data of their staffs as well as to monitor their performance.
  • Keep track of the school assets.
  • Keep record of the school fees of the student.
    And more.



  • Prepare students continuous assessment with ease.
  • Post subject syllabus for students and parents to access via the internet.
  • Comment on students’ performance, at the end of each term.
  • Validate the student results and monitor the performance of the subject teachers.
  • Promote and demote the student base on their performance.
  • Interact with parents.



  • Check their performance (result or continuous assessment, class teacher’s comment).
  • Student can take test and class online
  • Check school fees reciept



  • Monitor their children performance online
  • Interact with teacher
  • Check school fees reciept

This solution can be customized and deployed offline.