NEMS Computer Based Testing System


The application makes it easy to seamlessly conduct a test for school/organization, using a client/server network to access the system and converting the paper-based test to a better and automated process for more satisfying user experience. From the school owners, setting up the test and its parameter for the students/candidates to write the test and receive an instant test score makes it easy for both ends to use the system with its easy flow of operation and simple user interface.


The system implements a two user access areas; firstly, the school admin or organization access area, and secondly, the students or applicants access area. The specifications listed below outlines the scope of work done on NEMS: Computer Based Test System application. This functional structure of the system tells one what the system have to offer now. Alterations to the scope of work defined in this document may result in altered timeframes for completion and altered costs.

The School Admin or Organization Access Area
The school admin area enables the admin to Register Students, see Student List, Create New Test, and Manage Test Properties as well as to see Student Results.

Admin Login Area: The login page will be use by administrators to login to the system. To access this page, visit click the link School/Organization Login at the right corner (user name: demo, password: demo12)

a successful login will lead you to the admin dashboard.

Register Students: Admin registers student/candidate, although this function can be made open for candidate to register themselves and for the admin to confirm their registration.

Student List: This displays list of all registered students.

Create New Test: This is where the admin set up the test; it will apply default setting to some parameters which the admin can later adjust.

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