The Visual Art Animation Software
Although the aim of this research project is to study the effect of computer animation on academic performance of Technical College students in Visual Arts concepts in Lagos state, Nigeria; to this effect a web-based software application was developed to enable the animation content designer or admin to login and upload the Visual Art Animation Learning Content (VAALC) for students or learners to learn visual art concepts via the Animation software.

Brief about the Animation Software that will be developed
The Animation Software Solution being developed for this project is made up of:
1. Visual Art Animation Learning Content (VAALC): these are different animated video content adopted to teach visual art concepts such as elements and principles of art, as well as drawing skills
2. The Software (AnimWEB): this is a web-based application that will:
a. Allow the Admin to login and upload visual art animation learning content.
b. Students or learner to learn visual art concepts using the VAALC uploaded on the AnimART web application by the admin.