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We are not a conventional IT training center, our training is more of a one on one mentorship and training program, that is; we prefer a one-student-to-one-instructor (mentor) approach, which is often accompany with an online training platform, because learning programing can be overwhelming a times; we believe students will be more relax, focus and free to ask us any question know matter how stupid the question may sound; because to us there is no stupid questions, but a curious question from curious student. 

From choosing the right programing language that will suit your area of interest, either PHP, .NET or Java, to guiding you through the actual programing lesson, helping you to locate and fix error (bug), growing and learning how to become a good programmer. Our training is hands-on (practical) and result oriented and not just certificate or paper focus, with this student is ensured to finish with a project or work portfolio, making easy to for them to be gainfully employed or being self-employed. 

Although there is a completion date for every training program we offer, however we usually don't shut-out our ex-student as soon as they complete their training with us, instead we keep our doors widely open to continue to mentor, advice, support and even assist them with our long years of programming experience whenever they feel trapped with troubled program, because programing is all about solving problems; so we will continue to support you for as long as you call on us. 

Web Design Class

HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and Fireworks

The aim/objective of the class is to teach you how to create website with simple functionality, aesthetics and navigations. This includes creating and linking statics web pages, the class also involves teaching you how to host your website. And the end of the class you are expected to complete and host your personal or business website.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Website/HTML
  • Setting up a website
  • Break Line, paragraph and alignment
  • Special character, bold, italics, underline and marquee
  • Text Formatting
  • Listing items and Horizontal rule
  • Assignment 1
  • Add Images/pictures to website
  • Use Table in website
  • Hyperlink web pages
  • Create HTML Form
  • Assignment 2
  • Dreamweaver and Fireworks
  • Intro CSS
  • Exploring responsive web templates
  • Designing your Website Project
  • Hosting your website

Course Duration: 10 weeks

Cost: 50,000 Naira

Class Locaton: Suite 1&2, Macs Place, 3, Bolaji Olaniyan Street, Alakuko. Lagos, Nigeria

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Web based application/software development

The aim/objective of the class is to teach you how to build database-driven web based application/software using PHP and MySQL database.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Web Technology and HTML
  • Introduction to Web Application with PHP and MySQL
  • Setup PHP, MySQL and Apache web server
  • Basic PHP Code block with echo
  • Variables
  • Decision
  • Looping
  • Form processing using
  • Sending e-mail with PHP
  • PHP Interaction with a Database
  • Project 1: a Feedback system
  • Create MySQL Database
  • Create table in phpMyAdmin
  • Drop (Remove) table
  • Connect PHP to MySQL database
  • Insert data into Table through PHP
  • See data in phpMyAdmin
  • Select record through PHP
  • Sort record through PHP
  • Limit and Paginate Record
  • Update record through PHP
  • Delete record through PHP
  • Project 2: Authentication system
  • Your project work
  • Hosting/Deploying PHP/MySQL application

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: 80,000 Naira

Class Locaton: Suite 1&2, Macs Place, 3, Bolaji Olaniyan Street, Alakuko. Lagos, Nigeria

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