Creating New Web Project using Visual Studio

After you have started Visual Studio.

  • Click File from the menu bar
  • Click New Project
    Creating new project
    the New Project Dialogue box will appear
  • Choose the Project Type you want, in this case ASP.NET Web Application under your preferred Language type. See the screenshots below.
    New Project Dialogue box

  • Enter the Solution name, for example MyWeb and click the OK button.

    Note C# is the only Language type I installed, when setting up my Visual Studio, which is why we did not see other languages, If I had installed all the default languages we could have seen Visual Basic, and Visual C++ as well.

Visual Studio Version differences

I've used Visual Studio 2008 version for the procedure above, this may slightly differ with other versions of Visual Studio, for example the Screenshot below shows how to Create Web Project in Visual Studio 2013.

VS 2013


However I do not intend to limit this tutorial to any Version of Visual Studio, although I used Visual Studio 2008 for the tutorial but my focus will be on the Programming and not the IDE, so any Version you installed is OK for this tutorial.


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