Free-programmer and the box-programmer

For over ten years I have been programming both as an employee and an entrepreneur, I have notice that there are two categorize of programmer, the free-programmer and the box-programmer. Let’s take a look at the difference here.

It starts like this, a free-programmer; goes into programming because it loves to play with code, programming problem brings out his fighting spirit. A box-programmer stumbled into programming probably because he thought that IT is the new money making industry or because he or she studies computer science, and want to meet up with the Jones ‘I am a programmer!’

The box-programmer refuses to understand the simple basics of learning that programmer is more than writing program, it takes a lot of thinking, planning, designing and test algorithm and much more, so when he got stocked in the middle of nowhere, he began to wonder so programming is not fun anyway.

A free-programmer, if employed may use the technology expected of him, which is often Java and .NET or C++ in his place of work, but back at home, he has this cool program he rocks using his favorite language often PHP, Python, Perl or Ruby with this he doesn’t lose his cool and see programming as boring, like his fat- belly boss in his office want him to see it, on the other-hand the box-programmer only live to endure another working day, because it doesn’t see where all this is leading to or when it’s going to end, he only love the pay check.

The free-programmer, nurture a dream that one they he is going to be a tech-preneur, not necessarily because he wanted to be the next Mark zuckerberg or Larry page, but because he really have something to offer no matter how small, he doesn’t mind after all, he will say “This is better that setting in the cubicle and working a boring job using a boring language, IDE and Framework, with a boring boss there to boss you around”. He only takes the work to earn some leaving pending the time he can start-up his one venture and to learn some of the corporate tricks. Again the box-programmer is still left confuse but very scare of losing the next paycheck so continue to copy-paste from JavaRanch or Microsoft website and spend the rest of the week in frustration fighting bugs.

So all you want-to-be a programmer, you really need to sit-down and ask yourself the real question, is programming for me? Do I have the patience not only to learn the language, IDE or framework but also to stay strong and tough enough to learn the critical and logical thinking behind the problem solving, and not to get cracked when you stocked in the bug-world. Happy coding!

By: Ben Onuorah



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Free-programmer and the box-programmer

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From My book title: Web Design and Programming2

From My book title: Web Design and Programming1 From My book title: Web Design and Programming1 From My book title: Web Design and Programming1