Microsoft Too Big Too Lazy

When I am talking about Microsoft I am not referring to Bill Gates, after all he is a great guy, in his own capacity; I am referring to His Empire the ‘great’ Microsoft. A company that has grown too bit and lazy for my liking, I am not here like most anti-Microsoft to nag or spit rubbish at them; after all I am still their fan, because I got two certifications from them (MCTS and MCPD). “Ok Ben where are you going with this?” Someone may ask, I am here to criticize them so that they can know where this, their once a devoted developer is feeling hurt, I am here to tell them that they need to go back to the basics or their drawing board to improve on the game they started before losing focus and throwing everything into the trashcan of legacy system.

Microsoft have dashed into too many things, that I don’t know exactly if they are still the software super-power we once envy, sincerely this wouldn’t have concern me, but it does; may be because I started real programming using their development platform ASP (now called classic ASP, a legacy system) to program my web page to connect to their MS Access and SQL Server database, or maybe because my PC is still running on windows XP and 7 and I still heavily use their MS Office package.

My reason for being concern is not that they have dominated the software market enough in Africa and Nigeria in particular, that people think Windows is the only OS that there computer can work with, and MS Word is the only Word processing application out there, but I am more concern about their Development platform .NET , Microsoft .NET is a big success, but with it two things happens, Microsoft shows that it is still serious about winning in the “developers in the cubicle of the” Corporate office, which it does, except that just like in the book “Beware the Winner’s Curse” by Anadalingam Lucus, this great win by Microsoft, left large set of their enthusiastic developer who doesn’t fit this criteria stranded scratching their head and having to look somewhere else to find solace, such as Python and PHP. I am a heavy user of the later because it fills the gap left by Microsoft ASP very well and many developer enthusiasts, pros and hobbyist love PHP, I can’t be listing its pros here, don’t forget that PHP also have its cons, but its pros outweigh its cons, that is why PHP is everywhere dominating the webmosphere server-side, more than any other language in a very short time.

My point is that Microsoft cannot continue to use it developer as Beta tester without their consent, someone who has put ten years of his life using this cool development platform only to wake and read that Microsoft has discontinue or render this his love obsolete, and the whole corporate world also spit at you and your program for being ‘old school’ or ‘stupid’ or ‘out of date’, because it ASP and not ASP.NET; hurt so much, and it doesn’t stop there as you are fighting hard to keep up with the trend, you see that you have to master new or bunch of Technology, Tools, IDE and Language before you can write a simple “Hello world” that takes just one line of code to write in the supposed obsolete technology, after struggling for months, finally you are catching up with VS 2008, then boom, there is version 2014, you have to keep chasing learning bunch of new technology every year, while your real life programming project is out of focus, because it takes one and half year to complete the project, since you’re a lone ranger developer like most of us, where does this leave you...



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Microsoft Too Big Too Lazy

From My book title: Web Design and Programming2

From My book title: Web Design and Programming1 From My book title: Web Design and Programming1 From My book title: Web Design and Programming1