From My book title: Web Design and Programming2

I wrote this book to serve as a one-stop-shop, for want-to-be web designer, programmer and any interested person (because I try to cover many topics related to web, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, PHP and MySQL ) just like me. What many aspiring developer or programmer needs is a push or a dive to programming, but because web development is a different animal that require not just a programming skill, that is why I go through the pain to cover all this topics to enable you to start building web based system or application.

Besides in my few years of programming I have come across many want-to-be-programmers wanting me to teach them how to program or developer web application, because I am a profession in this field, fluent with web technologies and some language such as PHP, C#, and Java; a lot of this people are really serious about pursuing this passion; some are computer science graduate and undergraduate and some fine and applied artist, while many are curiously driven to learn programming, I’ve tried my best to teach, guide and mentor many of such people, although I’ve recorded some success in this pursuit although not with some people.

The reason for this is partially my fault, first; it’s not easy for a full-time web and software developer to teach more than a hundred people programming and still have time to meet the dead-lines from client, secondly; the time taken to study and get formal education at the university. Thirdly, (this is the fault of some student) some learner are lazy to understand that programming is an act that need to be practice several hours a day with the intention of solving a particular problem, (which is beyond just learning the syntax of a programming language).

In a nutshell, after several months of thinking and analyzing why learning programming is a nightmare or doubting task, I come up with the idea of this book you are reading now, with the aim to reach more people and share my knowledge and experience with them, which I may not be able to do in person.

  • Why PHP: I chose PHP because when I was learning programming I felt reinforced if my code is running without error and challenged, immediately I start battling bugs or error, so I came to the conclusion that naturally learner will enjoy learning programming if they have more progress than spending long hours trying to understand some complex logic, architecture or framework, common with Java, C++ and C#, my second choice of language for this book would have been Python (I love this language) but the only setback with Python on web development is that web hosting that support Python is not as common (for now), unlike PHP that is available on almost every web hosting server this day.
    So I chose PHP because it is easier to learn, compare to the aforementioned, it is great for programming web application and its popularity.

  • Why WEB: learning programming for programming sake is not the best approach to mastering the programming. It’s like learning how to drive a car without the car leaving its position or moving. Therefore the best approach to learning programming is to start solving real live problem, with PHP already chosen as our preferred language web stood as the best project we can start coding, again web will allow you to start making some money because most programming project today a web related.

By: Ben Onuorah



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From My book title: Web Design and Programming2

From My book title: Web Design and Programming1 From My book title: Web Design and Programming1 From My book title: Web Design and Programming1