NEMS Software Academy provides EdTech (Educational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) solutions to schools, organizations and individuals across Nigeria and the world at large.
Our Solutions Includes: School Management System, Computer Based Testing System, Inventory Management System, Programming Classes, Website Design and Software Development.

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About NEMS Software Academy Programming Classes

We are not a conventional IT training center, our training is more of a one on one mentorship and training program, that is; we prefer a one-student-to-one-instructor (mentor) approach, which is often accompany with an online training platform, because learning programing can be overwhelming a times; we believe students will be more relax, focus and free to ask us any question know matter how stupid the question may sound; because to us there is no stupid questions, but a curious question from curious student. Continue reading

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HTML stand for Hypertext Markup Language; this is more or less the basic language for creating a web page. HTML web page can contain or embed with JavaScript, XML, CSS amoung others.

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PHP Programming

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It's the world most popular a server-side scripting language use for creating dynamic website such as Facebook, Nairaland, NEMSacademy, Wordpress among others.

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Java is a very powerful and popular object oriented programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 (now own by Oracle Corporation). Started initially to meet the interest of the Web era...

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PHP/MySQL Samples


Java Samples