Web Design and Programming by Ben Onuorah (2nd Edition)

This is a free 485 pages e-book I started writing around 2013. It is a gift I would like every Nigerian programmer to have. It is what I am given in return to the field that have been very rewarding and blessing to me.
Please download, read and drop your comment here.
Note: this is the 2nd edition of this book and I plan to keep improving on it. Feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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About NEMSacademy.com IT Training Programme

We are not a conventional IT training center, our training is more of a one on one mentorship and training program, that is; we prefer a one-student-to-one-instructor (mentor) approach, which is often accompany with an online training platform, because learning programing can be overwhelming a times; we believe students will be more relax, focus and free to ask us any question know matter how stupid the question may sound; because to us there is no stupid questions, but a curious question from curious student. Continue reading

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HTML stand for Hypertext Markup Language; this is more or less the basic language for creating a web page. HTML web page can contain or embed with JavaScript, XML, CSS amoung others.

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PHP Programming

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It's the world most popular a server-side scripting language use for creating dynamic website such as Facebook, Nairaland, NEMSacademy, Wordpress among others.

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ASP.NET is a rich and robust Microsoft Web development framework, which enables developer to rapidly build website or interactive data-base driven web application. ASP.NET is part of the Microsoft.Net platform and it is commonly programmed using either VB.NET or C#

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Java is a very powerful and popular object oriented programming language, developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 (now own by Oracle Corporation). Started initially to meet the interest of the Web era...

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Comparing Programming Languages to Universities in Nigeria

Many years ago, I read an article online compare programing languages to countries, I have be fortunate to studied in six different higher institute in Nigeria, and I also noticed that everyone in Nigeria is proud of his/her own alma mater, well something came up in my mind that makes me to put together this little piece comparing this programming languages to some higher institution of learning in Nigeria, hope you will enjoy it.

1. C (YabaTech) the oldest in the clique, very pow...

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9 truths that computer programmers know that most people don’t.

Computer programs know far more about computers and code than the average person does, and honestly some of it’s scary.

Fact #1
“Under the hood, most critical software you use every day (like Mac OS X, or Facebook) contains a terrifying number of hacks and shortcuts that happen to barely fit together into a working whole. It would be like taking apart a brand-new 747 and discovering that the fuel line is held in place by a coat-hanger and the landing gear is attached wi...

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My 39 Favorite Programming Quotes.

I stumbled upon this website www.journaldev.com and I found 25 interesting programming quotes, and I copied and includes some of the comments people made there and it forms my 39 favorite Programming Quotes they are really funny and need some brains to figure out the fun part.

1. The best thing about a boolean is even if you are wrong, you are only off by a bit. (Anonymous)

2. Without requirements or design, programming is the art of adding bugs to an empty text fil...

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